Zapya APK Free Download for Android/iPhone/Windows

Zapya APK Free Download for Android/iPhone/Windows: Sharing your files and videos on USB and cable was a real big deal. Unlike today, previously transferring movies or HD videos was a dare to anyone. But with the help of the sharing tools like Zapya one can easily transfer files at a really good speed.

Zapya Apk Download Free

Sharing could have made never been easy if it was not using Zapya apk. It is also said to be the advanced version of Shareit because there are some features that can only be found in Zapya which are better than Shareit, have a look at the following:

  • Zapya helps to save money on costly Internet charges. This means that you can easily transfer files (irrespective of its size) without using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • It lets you have a backup of all your important files while you are shifting from your old device to new device.
  • It requires no USB cables or any limit to transferring files. You can easily share files and applications on multiple platforms.
  • You can download Zapya apk free for Android, iPhone, Windows and Mac, too.
  • It has a transfer speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth which allows a smooth and fast transfer.
  • The best feature of Zapya is that you can send multiple files to multiple users and at once. This is the GroupShare feature. Under this, you can connect with up to 4 friends simultaneously and share files on Android and iPhone.
  • Enjoy playing games with your friends via Zapya without the use of any cellular data.

With so many benefits Zapya seems to be a necessary app for the device. If you are looking for Zapya download for Android, iPhone and Windows then you are at the right place.

We will be providing you with the easy and simple steps to have the app on your devices.

How to download Zapya apk for Android?

  • Zapya app is officially available on the Google play store.
  • Type the name in the search box area.
  • Press “enter.”
  • You will be able to see the icon and double click the application.
  • Download the application and install it.
  • Once the application is installed, you can enjoy sharing apps and files in groups (which saves a lot of time).

Zapya Apk Download for Android

The download process of the application on iPhone is same as Android except you need to provide the Apple Id for verification! Keeping in mind the need of having the same benefits of sharing files on iOS too, the developers launched Zapya for iPhone.

How to download Zapya for iPhone?

The app is an official launched for the iPhone users; you can download Zapya from the app store by following the simple, easy steps given below.

  • Go to the app store.
  • Type Zapya and as soon as you see the icon hit get.
  • Type the password for your Apple Id and the download will begin
  • Install the app and it is ready to use.

Download Zapya for iPhone

This does not seem easy because there are rather more requirements of apk like Zapya for PC too. Like you can easily share files from computers with Zapya. You can send a single file up to four people at a time. This makes the work easy!

How to download Zapya for PC?

To download Zapya for Pc, it is necessary to have an Android emulator which helps to transfer the files from your phone to PC and from your PC to phone. The best offline android emulator is Bluestacks; you can also have an online emulator that is Manymo (you can choose any). But choosing Bluestacks will be a better option as it allows easy access to the applications even when you are not online.

  • The first step is to download Bluestacks on your PC.
  • You can visit the official website of the Bluestacks and download it from there.
  • Then you need to install it on your device.
  • Once the installation of the Android emulator is done now open the play store and in the search box type Zapya.
  • You will see the icon, double click on it and download.
  • Once the application is download hit install
  • And drag the Zapya icon to the desktop.

Zapya Download for Windows

Installing Zapya for PC is easy and quick, if you have yet not downloaded Zapya, get it now!

Xender APK Download – Xender App for PC, Android, iPhone Free

Xender APK Download – Xender App for PC, Android, iPhone Free Latest Version: How to Install Xender App for Windows Mobile/Phone. Xender for Android and IOS. Previously when we were not blessed with the sharing tools then sharing files was much pain. It would take five minutes to share a file of 6Mb so imagine sharing video would be a big task and you must the forget about sharing movies.

Xender for Android,iPhone,PC

What about sharing the files via cables? Though there were still issues, the speed was a bit better. Still, cable wires made connection issues. Therefore, the idea was a flop then came in Bluetooth, and the struggle was still same until Xender came in.

Xender is a sharing application that helps to transfer file quicker than ever. So now no waiting for hours to transfer videos and movies, just one click and one minute, you are all launched to share videos, movies, audios, images and whatever you like. Just follow the simple procedure

You can download the Xender App for PC, Android, and iPhone for Free by following the given steps:

How to Download Xender APK on Android phone?

Well, Xender has been easily available on the play store of the Android device, so follow the steps one by one.

  • Visit the play store and type Xender and download the application.
  • Wait for it to download and then install the app.
  • As soon as it is being installed; you need to open the app and enter a username.
  • A verification code will be sent to the phone number you might have entered for the verification


Just enter a username, you can also choose a nice display picture if you wish and your Xender APK profile is made.

Xender for Android, iPhone

How to Download Xender on iPhone and iPad? Xender for IOS

The process to download the app on iOS is also same as for Android except that you need to verify your Apple ID. You just need to follow the below rules:

  • Open the Apple app store.
  • Type Xender, as soon as you see the icon double click on it and hit get.
  • You will be asked to verify the Apple Id, type the password and the download will begin.
  • Once the application is downloaded, install it, and you are ready to enjoy sharing files via Xender.

Why have Xender on PC?

Xender on PC has been very useful as it is certain that you share files on PC to make some space in your phones. Also while transferring huge files, movies or any documents or any other specific file you used to wait much longer for the tedious and time-consuming process but with the help of Xender on PC you transfer the files without any hassle. If you have been looking to the procedure for downloading Xender on you computers without using any Android Emulators like Bluestacks, and then follow the given steps below:

  • Visit the official website of Xender.
  • You will now see the option of free download tab at the top of the page.
  • Then click on it.
  • Wait for it to download

Once the file is downloaded! Open the file apk and approve the license agreement. After you have approved the license, the file will be installed, and you can start sharing files irrespective of the size on your computers.

Xender for PC

How to install Xender using an Android Emulator?

Android Emulator is a necessary medium to transfer the files from your phone to PC and from your PC to phone. You can easily share any file from PC to your device irrespective of its size. Make sure that you have enough space for Xender. The best offline emulator is Bluestacks; you can also have an online emulator that is Manymo. But still, it is better to stick with Bluestacks:

  • The first step is to download the software on your PC.
  • Then you need to install the Android emulator on your Laptop/PC.
  • Once done now open the play store of the Android emulator and in the search box type Xender.
  • When you see the icon, double click on it and download the application.
  • Once it is download wait for it to install.
  • And run the app on PC.

Enjoy sharing files on multiple platforms without any hassle and in lesser time.

NDS4iOS on iOS 9.0 – 9.1 – Play Ninento Games on iPhone

Are you looking to download the NDS4IOS for IOS 9.0 and 9.1 users having no jailbreak? Here you are in correct place to get the details about the NDS4IOS download. This application store has more games in comparison to typical cellular games that could play for a long time. The apparatus run them, these games are getting better with the every year. For some iPhone and iPad users, they still can not get over how awesome and exciting to play Pokemon or any other games on a Nintendo DS. The utility stopped working since IOS 7 and eight even the developer who made it pulled from their Cydia repo. Get the details about the NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles.

NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles

When IOS users want to get the games, they will do it through Cydia, which as already know is App store for jailbroken devices. Recently I have tried to add alternative sources the still hosting the emulator, and it turned out to be with my IOS 9.0.1. I am taking a chance to transfer best options and emulators for the IOS. The best emulator is IOS emulator download. It provides the best and excellent application that is working on the IOS. Some revolutionaries on the jailbreak. The IOS users are suspended from the new features and apps which available in mobiles with following without jailbreak.

Download NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles

The application store has more games than the general Android mobile gamer could play in a lifetime. And also like the devices that run them, these games getting better with each passing year. There is even the option to install emulators for the likes of PlayStation, N64 and other games, and although these are commonly associated with the jailbreak store, there are so many ways to emulate old games also without having to jailbreak your IOS device.

NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles

If your IOS device like iPhone and iPad is running on the NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles and even you people thought to play your old NDS games on it and make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Read here step by step guide to install the Nintendo DS emulator to your device. The emulator works you with the jailbroken and the non-jailbroken devices, but here we have illustrated the nonjail breakable method. So you do not have to ste[ps for having to install the application on your IOS mobiles.

Features of the NDS4IOS on IOS devices

Here we are providing the features of the NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles app. Check out the below steps to know about theNDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles application Features.

NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles

  • It is one of the best alternatives to get the gaming consoles like GBA4IOS it is a Game Boy Emulator.
  • Here you can enjoy the hell of a lot of games from the full game library of the Nintendo DS to Apple mobile devices.
  • Children’s can have an entertainment with this NDS4IOS emulator.
  • It is one of the major and exciting features is Dropbox integration and IOS7 controller support.

Steps to Download the NDS4IOS on your IOS devices on IOS 9.0,9.1

Here we can give the download version of the IOS device and steps to install the IOS mobiles. Check out the below steps to get theNDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles on your android mobiles. It is teh procedure ro install the emulator. It is possible for you to carry on the important step that will you help to load the ROM.

NDS4IOS on IOS 9.0, 9.1 on iPhone mobiles

  • Open the Safari browser in your IOS mobiles.
  • Search for the NDS4IOS emulator APK and download it.
  • Click on the installation button that will appear on the screen.
  • Go back and for the file to download.
  • Open the general settings in your mobile., then select the device managements on 9.0 and 9.1.
  • Browse the new login button choose it and exploit the choice on the next display.
  • It is the download steps to download the NDS4IOS.

Get the more details about the NDS4IOS

Completely Remove Shortcut Autorun virus from Windows PC

Are you looking to remove the Autorun virus on your computer to better performance if the System? You are in the correct place to get the removing steps of the Autorun virus. You may see the autorun.inf file in your Personal computer or Pendrives. It is not an actual virus. Autorun file has auto executable setup file and some other information related to your System. When you insert pen drive into USB slot, you have to use windows first and execute this autorun file. It works according to the guidance given by the autorun file. You can also find the autorun.exe file in your C drive also. For example, your DVD or CD drive software must contain the autorun file to execute the functions of the autorun automatically. Get the details to Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

Your windows first run the autorun.inf file because of the attackers place the virus in this file so that they can spread quickly to the entire computer. Mostly all of the attackers put worm virus in autorun.inf file. You can quickly delete the autorun.inf file. Nothing will happen to the Computer and your Pen drive if you eliminate and Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer the data of autorun. When you have to delete this attackers file in your computer will not open pen drive automatically. You can access the computer from my computer. It is a good practice to remove autorun.file from your Computer.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

The possibilities of spreading the shortcut virus are given below in a detailed manner

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Online Infection: If you want to download and install the executable file to your computer which contains the malware script.
  • Your system has to connect the removable drive like USB, pen drive or other portable hard drives into your friends PC. The virus has spread to your external drive.
  • You have inserted someones’ flash drive to your desktop from where the PC has infected. It has affected your external drive as soon as you connected it to your PC.

Steps to remove the autorun virus on your computer

You can not take off your Autorun virus that attacked to your system manually. Because it contains some hidden, archive and read only attributes. When you want to delete any file has any one of the attributes. First, you need to remove the attribute on your computer. You can also change file attribute by using the command prompt. Here we are going to show all the possibilities to eliminate the autorun virus.

Create Duplicate Autorun.inf file

This method works on the older version of the Desktops. It does not operate on the newer version of computers. If you have the latest version of computers, you can skip this method and go for the another way to Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer provided on this page.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Insert your Pen drive in the USB slot and open it.
  • Right click on the space and create a text document with the name as “autorun.inf”.
  • You can save the document, and it will ask you to replace the existing auto run file.
  • Click on the Yes option, and now you replaced the empty autorun file.
  • You can remove the virus, and you do not have any virus in your system.

Remove autorun virus by using the Command Prompt

It is the best method to eliminate and Remove Autorun Virus on your Computer virus in any computers. Follow the below steps to remove the virus using Command Prompt. For older version of Windows.

  • Insert the pen drive into the USB slot.
  • Just go to my computer and make your pen drive dive folder.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Run command prompt as the administrator.
  • Go to start button – Go running – Type CMD and click OK – Right click on it and run as administrator.
  • Type as your “drive folder name” and enter.
  • Type attrib -h -s -r -a  *.* an click on enter.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • This command removes the hidden system read only and archive attribute from all the files on that drive.
  • People can also use attrib -h -s -r -a autorun.inf to remove the attributes from autorun file.
  • Lastly, type del autorun.inf and press enter it will delete the file.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

Click to get the more methods to remove the Autorun virus 

BeeTalk for PC, BeeTalk on PC (Windows XP/10/7), Mac

BeeTalk for PC: BeeTalk is the best application used for communicating the people. You do not need to worry about your balance. You can easily communicate with others by doing voice calls as well as text messages for free of cost, and you can also send the voice messages with your friends or family members. This BeeTalk application works as same as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger. Users no need to worry about this application. This app provides you the high security. The best feature of this app is that your sent message will be automatically deleted after received by the other people.

BeeTalk for PC

With the help of the BeeTalk app, you can freely communicate with others. All the users can easily use this BeeTalk application without causing any issues. People can use this application from anywhere on the globe. BeeTalk is an Android application which enables you to make free calls to your friends or family members. This application is very useful for the people who are staying away from you. In this app, you can send and receive unlimited messages for free. Users who want to get this BeeTalk for PC, they can read this read this entire article to know the installation process.

BeeTalk for PC Windows XP/10/7 & Mac – Free Download

The Beetalk application has gained more popularity. Many chatting applications are available in the market. But some them do not provide any security. BeeTalk is one of the popular messengers now available for Windows device also. With the help of this BeeTalk app, you can easily contact with other persons. The BeeTalk app also allows you to share your memories with your friends or family members by sending the images or videos. Here in the below sections, I have given the downloading process of BeeTalk for PC.

BeeTalk for PC

BeeTalk is an Android application. If you want to get this app on your PC, you must need to install the Bluestcaks Android Emulator because this application is not available on the windows store. This BeeTalk app also provides you the amazing features to the users like WhatsApp. If you have installed this Bluestacks Android Emulator on your device, you can install all the Android application easily. You should have the internet connection to use this BeeTalk application. You can also make video calls to the people for free, and group calling is also available on this BeeTalk app.

Best Features of BeeTalk Application

Before downloading any application, you must know the features. If you know the features, you can easily use the application.

  • In this BeeTalk app, you can make free voice as well as video calls.
  • The BeeTalk application provides you the wonderful Stickers.
  • You can also find the other people to make your friends.
  • After sending the message, it will be deleted automatically.
  • In this BeeTalk app, you can send unlimited messages and calls.
  • You can also share the images and videos to your friends.

Installation Steps for BeeTalk App for PC Windows and Mac

The downloading process of this BeeTalk for PC Windows and Mac is very easy. You need to use the Bluestacks Emulator to download this BeeTalk app because this application is officially not available for windows. By following the below steps, you can easily install the BeeTalk app.

BeeTalk for PC

  • First of all, visit the official website of Bluestacks, and there you will find the download option. Click on the download button.
  • After downloading the app, Open the file and then install. After installing the Bluestacks Emulator, Open the application and then search for the BeeTalk application.
  • Now, you need to select and install the app from the displayed apps.
  • The installation process will take few minutes to complete the process. Wait until installing the BeeTalk.
  • After installing the BeeTalk App. Open it and then start using it.
  • That’s it. Enjoy.

Download BeeTalk App for PC Windows and Mac