Zapya APK Download for Android – Samsung, HTC, Moto E/G 2nd Gen

Zapya APK Download for Android – Samsung, HTC, Moto E/G 2nd Gen: Many of the users must be new to the Zapya app, but it is just like an enhanced version of Shareit app. It allows you to share files on multiple devices at once. Zapya App has been used across the world by 300 Million users. Now you might know that being a popular app there must be some features that are outstanding.

Zapya Apk Download for Android

  • The application helps to save money on costly Internet charges. You can easily transfer the files without using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
  • The app features no USB cables or any limit to transferring files. You can easily share files and applications on multiple platforms irrespective of its size or format.
  • It is compatible with every android phone be it Samsung, MOTO E/G second generation or HTC, iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Mac.
  • The app lets you have a backup of all your important files while you are shifting from your old device to new device.
  • It has a transfer speed that is 200 times faster than Bluetooth which allows a fast transfer.
  • Now the best feature of the app is that you can send multiple files to multiple users and at once.
  • This is the GroupShare feature of the app. You can connect with up to 4 friends simultaneously and share files on Android and iPhone.
  • You can enjoy playing games with your friends via this app without the use of any cellular data.

The app is a simple sharing tool that helps to share files on different platforms at once. So sharing files with group saves lot of time and also you can save a lot of data in that. So name any application, and you can transfer it via Zapya APK just make sure that your phone has enough space.

Well when these apps were not invented, sharing files was such a dare; hardly anyone would even say yes to share the files on devices. Having cable wires, then USB and Bluetooth. However brought change but nothing could match the speed of transferring files at the rate which the app like Zapya does. It can even reach to a speed of 20 Mbps.

There was a time when we need to wait for more than five minutes to transfer a file of 6mb and today just by having the app installed on the phone you can easily transfer this 6mb file up to four users in just a blink of an eye. So now there is no saying bye to sharing.

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There is also an alternative app for sharing files like Shareit, but Zapya offers group sharing which is certainly new and quite a better way to save much time. So when you need to share files with your group just remember Zapya.

Now I know you all must be facing problem while downloading the app from the Google Play Store. Though the app is available to download from the Google Play Store but also many users are facing problem while downloading the app like low memory space on their phone. So if you are not able to download the file from the Google Play Store, then you can follow these below given steps.

  • Firstly, you need to open your Android Smartphone’s inbuilt browser (preferably not opera mini).
  •  Visit this link: Click here.
  • You have to click on the dark blue button Generate Download Link.
  • Then you need to click on the green button indicating – Click here to download

Zapya Apk Download for Android

Next, the app will be installed on your phone, and you can enjoy sharing the files across multiple devices at once. Remember to type the correct URL while you are placing it manually. By following the above steps, you can easily get the Official Zapya APK Download.

The application is however very useful just that the downloading process is a bit tricky, but now with the given steps you can easily download the app and enjoy group sharing among your best buddies. Remember that the devices need to have the app installed and must be under the network zone too to have an undisturbed sharing of files.

So Android users get lucky to download this multi sharing App right on your device!