Completely Remove Shortcut Autorun virus from Windows PC

Are you looking to remove the Autorun virus on your computer to better performance if the System? You are in the correct place to get the removing steps of the Autorun virus. You may see the autorun.inf file in your Personal computer or Pendrives. It is not an actual virus. Autorun file has auto executable setup file and some other information related to your System. When you insert pen drive into USB slot, you have to use windows first and execute this autorun file. It works according to the guidance given by the autorun file. You can also find the autorun.exe file in your C drive also. For example, your DVD or CD drive software must contain the autorun file to execute the functions of the autorun automatically. Get the details to Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

Your windows first run the autorun.inf file because of the attackers place the virus in this file so that they can spread quickly to the entire computer. Mostly all of the attackers put worm virus in autorun.inf file. You can quickly delete the autorun.inf file. Nothing will happen to the Computer and your Pen drive if you eliminate and Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer the data of autorun. When you have to delete this attackers file in your computer will not open pen drive automatically. You can access the computer from my computer. It is a good practice to remove autorun.file from your Computer.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

The possibilities of spreading the shortcut virus are given below in a detailed manner

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Online Infection: If you want to download and install the executable file to your computer which contains the malware script.
  • Your system has to connect the removable drive like USB, pen drive or other portable hard drives into your friends PC. The virus has spread to your external drive.
  • You have inserted someones’ flash drive to your desktop from where the PC has infected. It has affected your external drive as soon as you connected it to your PC.

Steps to remove the autorun virus on your computer

You can not take off your Autorun virus that attacked to your system manually. Because it contains some hidden, archive and read only attributes. When you want to delete any file has any one of the attributes. First, you need to remove the attribute on your computer. You can also change file attribute by using the command prompt. Here we are going to show all the possibilities to eliminate the autorun virus.

Create Duplicate Autorun.inf file

This method works on the older version of the Desktops. It does not operate on the newer version of computers. If you have the latest version of computers, you can skip this method and go for the another way to Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer provided on this page.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Insert your Pen drive in the USB slot and open it.
  • Right click on the space and create a text document with the name as “autorun.inf”.
  • You can save the document, and it will ask you to replace the existing auto run file.
  • Click on the Yes option, and now you replaced the empty autorun file.
  • You can remove the virus, and you do not have any virus in your system.

Remove autorun virus by using the Command Prompt

It is the best method to eliminate and Remove Autorun Virus on your Computer virus in any computers. Follow the below steps to remove the virus using Command Prompt. For older version of Windows.

  • Insert the pen drive into the USB slot.
  • Just go to my computer and make your pen drive dive folder.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • Run command prompt as the administrator.
  • Go to start button – Go running – Type CMD and click OK – Right click on it and run as administrator.
  • Type as your “drive folder name” and enter.
  • Type attrib -h -s -r -a  *.* an click on enter.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

  • This command removes the hidden system read only and archive attribute from all the files on that drive.
  • People can also use attrib -h -s -r -a autorun.inf to remove the attributes from autorun file.
  • Lastly, type del autorun.inf and press enter it will delete the file.

Remove Autorun Virus on your Personal Computer

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