How to Uninstall Multiple Programs Completely from your PC

You people newly bought a Computer and can not wait to start and to use it? But you fire up the eagerly waiting for the features and immediate loading of the program with in a single click. But you are getting the computer boots up and greets you with the popup ads. A lot of shortcuts of programs and useless services also with the enough icons on your computer to fill up the half of the screen on your new widescreen display. Before you event doesn’t click on anything. Your system is automatically connecting to the internet to download and install the updates. Check more details of Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC.

Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC

For all the anti trail virus and speaking out the alerts to you about dangers you know existed. Now your computer experience has now turned into the software equivalent. Just to uninstall all the applications the time will take the several hours depending on how many applications can load there. In this article, we have mentioned a couple of apps and programs. Both free and paid that do an excellent job and even be used.

How to Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC

Nothing is more frustrating than booting up a new computer and finding that it already with the Junk software. This waste is commonly referred to as the Crapware by other names such as craplets and shovelware. New computers have a great target for advertisers because the companies can pay to have trial versions of the software installed on the computer. Removing crapware is like uninstalling any other program, but a few tricks can make it much smoother process.

Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC

It is a standard practice for all desktops users to install software programs. Whenever you install a piece of software, it installs several files and registry entries on the system to work efficiently. And this handsome as long as you are using the program. But the problem comes when you Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC uninstall it. You have to remove a program in windows, and we typically install it from the control panel completely remove all the entries of the file.

PC Decrapifier was written by people like yourself who became annoyed at the fact that big companies like Dell, HP, Gateway, Toshiba, etc. It will find the crap on your computer, allow you to Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC choose what you would like uninstalled and then automatically start removing each application.

Uninstall Multiple Applications Completely from Computer

Revo Uninstaller Removes Bulk Files

It makes you removing various programs, not just uninstall, and it will remove all the unwanted of that program from your computer. It works like a user-friendly. If you open this software, you can see the features on the top. The remove programs perform too slow because it will consume time by loading the software we installed on the PC. But it helps you an excellent feature of the Hunter Mode. That helps you to drag onto any application from the system tray icon or shortcut, and you can do all the uninstall tasks or whatever you wanted to remove.

Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC

Other than the features of the uninstall, it also has a start-up manager which allows you to tweak the programs that will start up the windows. Download this freeware software from their website Revo Uninstaller.


  • It is a multiple uninstall
  • Hunter mode also

Absolute Uninstaller to Clean up All Unwanted Files in a Single Click

This Absolute Uninstaller is a program Glarysoft Glary Utilities among the other applications this allows you to mark multiple and uninstall them all at once.

Uninstall Programs Completely from your PC


  • To uninstall several batch programs, the first thing you have to click the button Batch Installer.
  • Select all the applications that you would like to remove from your computer.
  • Finally, click on the Uninstall Checked Programs buttons on your files.
  • A pop-up will appear asking you whether you accept or not of those applications.

These two applications are more popular than the tools that are available online and the best part about the applications.

Check more details about the Uninstaller to clean up Unwanted files 

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